Forward in Color

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My heart my art.

Some pieces just sing and dance like the heart inside of me. I wanted to capture the excitement this summer has meant to me, the real learning what it is to be alone in the world. The darkness juxtaposed with joy I feel from week to week. Seeing into the tunnel of fun and light now that I've gotten used to a new life. 

Excited to share this exuberant piece with you. I played my heart out on this canvas all summer. Then played again and again. I just couldn't stop, I think it has to do with the hard work of being content with my new life, reflected the time it took to finish this. It was just never quite done. I was photographing it and went in and painted on it. Quite the inability to see it as finished. Then bam. It was finally perfect.

A girlish color set against the blacks give this grace an edge. 

It is completely covered in little etches and scratch marks, blobs and little dots. Not for the faint of heart, this piece is a riot for the eyes. Something to catch your eye on every square inch, and somehow has enough space to keep it relaxed. This has been painted in glossy paints as well as matte, please have a viewing if you are interested it is a treat for the eyes in person. My photography skills are amateur at best.

Painting Abstracts is a delight.

I think this one is absolutely beautiful and a real sink into my abstract work.

Painted this summer of 2023

24" x 30" acrylic piece

 The last few pictures are different orientations and taken in direct sunlight