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An original watercolour illustration. 

Im back at Lake Louise here. My god i love skiing and snowboarding! I was laughing drawing this. Then I actually cried thinking about skiing with Ralün this year. All the ages are here on a groomer, just getting out, putting on the goggles and going for a rip. I love the elders on the hill, my dad was so into skiing. He drove us 2 hours every weekend into Minnesota to ski a little mountain called Giants Ridge. We ski raced as kids with hockey shin pads on my forearms for hitting gates. I went heli skiing with my dad on his 50th. I saved up and went with him i think i was 22. Nostalgia.

There is something so classic about this little painting a lovely little piece for your home. A great addition to any skiiers home.

The artwork measures 7.5" x 9.5" and the outer frame measures 12" x 15". Most photos were taken without the glass in the frame because of the glare in the pictures. 

It is a watercolour piece with shimmering acrylic little snow sprays.