Juice Original Painting

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A modern abstract that can take centre stage in a space, or sit in the background with enough colour and shapes to keep the eye interested.

I called this Juice because of the energy in it. Its fresh, like Juice.

I kind of picture this in a home office or work out / yoga space, a place where people need juice to keep moving. Or a modern living space with a velvet couch and accent colours. I am totally in love with this one, there are lots of paint textures some of the black is Matte and some is glossy. All of the emerald colour is glossy as well. A real treat original full of depth and texture.

This measures 24" x 30" and is painted with Golden acrylic paint. I've photographed it outside and inside.

The sides are painted different colours as well. Cobalt, neon yellow, pale red and the bottom is black. Its painted on a sturdy canvas. 

I did a faint grey signature so you can hang this in different orientations as well. 

This is availible as a canvas print as well if you are on a budget.

This will be availible for one week and then brought to my Gallery in Nelson BC on May 31st.