Living Sky Original Painting.

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Light illuminates a trio of larches through the moody sky.

I was excited to try and capture this image, how can mother nature have a dark sky while at the same time a glowing beam of light on a tree? At times wandering in nature i am dumbfounded at how much light is swirling around. On days like this one. Its all light and sky. I want the sky to move for the viewer in this piece and I hope it swirls as it does for me. A fine line on when to stop with painting this sky. A challenge to get the trees color correct against this grey background.

Fall in the Kootenays.

A truly captivating piece painted this fall here in my home studio at 6 mile in Nelson BC. One of my best misty realism works yet, this painting really exploded out of my hands, the colors mixed easily and went on the canvas with ease. I will miss staring at this one in my home. Its been a pleasure, and has kicked me back into my mountain imagery obsession.

The larches have been painted mostly with a pallet knife and have a luster paint that shines in the light. The whole tree is not made up of this paint, just where the light would hit it in nature. they will gleam with a soft light on the piece in your home. The studio picture shows this effect best. 

The sky is special as well with a sheen added to the lighter parts of the sky.

Measuring 24" x 36"

Acrylic Canvas

Please inquire if you would like a payment plan or want to talk more about making this work within your budget. Or if you would like to set up a viewing. Photos never do a painting justice. I'll have this piece with me for a Holiday Market at NO. 6 Coffee in Nelson on the 15th and 16th of December.