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Interested in the feminine I am. What is it to be a woman? How many facets can i have as a woman, and how many more will i grow? This is one facet, my love for Making marks and smears, expression on a canvas. Facets in my art practice? The flowers I study year after year, had to eventually make an appearance in my work and here they are. As soft as my work has ever been. Glittering pink and whites painted into the night. I had a lot of fun with this and it comes through, its just colours I love that I would want in my home. When i made the dark red stroke I hooted in excitement, to me that line is perfect.

In this work, I am trying to capture a feeling, I was careful not to get too literal with the floral shapes, and leave it as an enveloping space, something you can stare at. Capturing the light and busy of a garden. Looking at your favourite flower from across the street and letting the peripheral fade away. All your focus in on that gorgeous thing, something that is only here now, Flowers are fast, fading and change from day to day. Just like us.

I am totally in love with this one. Something about it has me hooked. 

Original work, Abstract floral acrylic painting

24" x 30"