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If I could paint this style all day I would. Fast and fun. Clown styling on her. Hands creeping out the eyes, someone watching from inside. An operator, looking out, hands dangling, board with what she sees. The face is Smirking ready to make a joke too far across the line that it errks her, don't say it out loud. Where are the people that encourage her to cross the line in humour, physicality and adventure? 

The shapes on here really interact well with each other. The black pieces are just so grounded somehow. This is gestural free flow Branda in 2022. Mature, but colour bring it to a fun place. Very artsy indeed.

Measuring 14"x18" 

This is for the right person. A goofball quirk. Its an amazing piece I hope you love it like I do. It would be great in a room as an accent, pale yellows, reds and fruit on the table.