Original Paintings / In the works

Original Paintings I have available here in my studio in Nelson BC Canada. Viewings are available by appointment. Scroll to the bottom for complete works that are availible.  




Completed Oct. 27th 2021

Sold - Prints availible soon

follow link for the full info


Ghosts IIII

Completed May 17th 2021. I cant pull myself away from the layout and pallet of my ghosts series. Soft and Aggressive marks and blend. 




Started this on Oct. 17th 

The dark green has a really rich wet look, this has depth already!! I Couldn't be happier so far with this one.

This was completed and sold in early 2021. Prints are availible.


Violent Femme

This large Mauve piece is still in the works. The colour and texture on this is really something beautiful, large paint swipes and little scribbles all over it. I use a shimmer gold in most of my work and this one has it in spades so when the light hits it she glows. 

I feel like I've missed my opportunity to finish this with the change of seasons. I plan on adding green I think. I'll revisit it when spring brings me some flowers to look at. I am in love with this.


Un complete