Commissioned work is gladly welcomed, as well as re-paints of work I've already done. Typically it takes me 2-3 months to complete a painting. I have the buyer pay for the canvas and half up front and half upon delivery. Shipping is the buyers responsibility.  Surprisingly shipping is not all that expensive, for example a 2' x 4' piece was only $60 to have shipped to Ontario from Nelson BC.

My paintings range from $400 - $3000 depending on size and subject. 

For example if you would like something similar to my previous work it would be more affordable than uncharted territory for my painting style. 


Olsens Cabin

Completed Oct. 2021

Prints availible 



July 10th 2021


My Auntie Anne wanted a floral piece and here it is!

Prints are availible in my shop prints section.


May 30th, 2021

Sailing on West Hawk

Sailing west hawk lake painting.

She wanted something sentimental for her sailboating dad. We talked about painting her cabin, but from a distance all we could really see was the outline of the windows and roof on a island/mainland of boreal forest. I suggested just painting any island from the area, with a sailboat and we came up with this. 


April 10th 2021

Rainy Lake commission 

My cousin wanted a piece of art from me, and I decided to try a hazy early morning on the lake image. It is no place in particular, just a mash up of my memories from the lake. I learned a lot with this and trying this colouring for the 1st time. Capturing the light is so tough! I was nice to have as much freedom as possible for this one.

This piece is 2' x 4' in size and was done in acrylic. 


March 30th 2021

Sean's Ghosts

My friend Sean liked the Ghost image so much he asked me to paint an original for him. 24" x 36"


December 19th, 2020

Carolins Greens

A misty mountainside for a gift.