Hardcore Mellow - Lilac Purple Hat

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Cut Threads 1st hat in years has finally arrived! 

Lilac corduroy with neon green accents! BAM. Doesn't get cooler than that, and somehow kind of blends in as a piece of clothing. Pairs great with all that mustard clothing that everyone is wearing these days.

These are a full sized adult hat, with sizing fitting mens large. These are bigger than the Cut Threads we are used too. I have an average size head 22" and wear it with the clasp closed perfectly.

Unstructured caps are an easy packable hat, that is along the ride for any adventure. They collapse on the head and don't have a high profile fit, so can fit more heads this way as well. A flat brim that can be curved if you like as well, snap back closure and contrasted taping on the inside make these special little hats you new summer side kick!


To save on shipping the hats will be sent in padded envelopes, so you can expect that instead of a box. This wont hurt the hat as it is meant to be a scrunched up type anyway. Tracking is not included in shipping so to keep the price at $10.00, if you would like tracking just get in touch and I will add $15 it to the cost.

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