Ice Ghost

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Me and the moon and the snow.

Connecting through things I'll never know.

What a great night of loose art making, and fantastic mess making. I was commissioned to do a repaint of Ghosts and I painted this in one evening, it was a lunar eclipse and it snowed 30 cm in town that night.

Needless to say, there was a lot of energy in the air.

I love when a painting looks scrappy, you can see the brush strokes and heavy lines. This is one of my favourites because of the confidence I felt painting it, and the loose arty feel it has.

It feels like art from my heart. 

Beautiful printed Canvas available in a few different sizes.
These are made to order and will be shipped to your address. Shipping charges are included in the cost. Printed on high quality, artist grade stock and folded around a lightweight frame to give them a gorgeous, gallery ready appearance. With acid free ink that will last without fading or chipping, Features a scratch-resistant UV coating. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth or to remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment.