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A bouquet for my treasured Auntie Anne. 

Her and I are kindred spirits in a few ways we are interested in beauty, textures and art. She is one of the only people In my early life who put value in the finer things, things I now surround myself with, flowers, fine fibre, just looking at beautiful things.

My friend gave me these flowers and I dove in painting their regal beauty. Peonies hey? How much colour and elegance can one living thing hold?! Wow. Green undertones give this so much depth, the lines are not too solid on this one, its got soft edges throughout with some big saturated strokes of magenta and green.

Original was Acrylic on canvas 24" x 30" Painted in 2021

Availible in 3 sizes of canvas prints.

Printed on high quality, artist grade stock and folded around a lightweight frame to give them a gorgeous, gallery ready appearance. With acid free ink that will last without fading or chipping, Features a scratch-resistant UV coating. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth or to remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment.