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Avonlea's "Misty Tree" painting is an ideal wall décor for any home. Featuring realistic-looking trees in a fog-filled landscape, this oil painting brings serenity and peace to any room. 


Energizing the forest with wet

Our temperate rainforest

Not a cut block to be seen

A mountain side, mist lingering, dancing its way through its favourite trees. 

With this piece I worked on the depth of the forest and the weight of its foreground. This one is very gestural, with pencil lines throughout. Loosely done with my quick hand creating a mountain line from memory. Trying to create that wet feeling of being out on a day like this. Water surrounding you, enveloped in droplets and green, white and grey.

Solving the problem of not having art for your walls? This is a stunning piece, easily melding into any space and giving it the subtle mountain vibe you want. 

Painted in 2023, Original piece measured 32" x 48"